Friday, January 25, 2008

Barack Obama Speaks at Dr. King's Church

On the day before the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Senator Barack Obama delivered a speech to the congregation of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

This takes 34 minutes to watch. Watch the faces of the listeners, too.

The minister who made the remarks before Barack Obama spoke to the congregation of Ebenezer Baptist Church said, "Regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican or an Independent, when you think about the long history of America, Barack Obama makes us proud. All Americans. All Americans."

These words stand out for me:

"And on the eve of the bus boycotts in Montgomery, at a time when many were still doubtful about the possibilities of change, a time when those in the black community mistrusted themselves, and at times mistrusted each other, King inspired with words not of anger, but of an urgency that still speaks to us today: "Unity is the great need of the hour" is what King said. Unity is how we shall overcome.

Bill Clinton was the first person I voted for who was elected President. I didn't vote in the election when Jimmy Carter was elected. My hope is that Barack Obama is the second person I vote for who is elected President. I've been watching him for quite a while now and have read his books. Today I am no longer undecided.

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Dale said...

Yeah. I too am hoping to get a chance to vote for Obama. Though the presidency, when legally conducted (wouldn't that be lovely?) isn't really the vehicle for change; the vehicle for change is, or rather ought to be, the Congress. Still. A bully pulpit. It would be wonderful to have someone using it to preach unity and compassion rather than sectarian hatred.