Tuesday, July 22, 2008

42 years: a book of changes

Above is an idea for the cover of simple book I am working on using some iPhoto accessories. Unfortunately I can't complete the book-making process because I don't have Mac OS 10.4.9. Oh well. I'm making progress anyway because I can store the book in PDF format.

Here's the chapter I read today from MEDITATIONS OF JOHN MUIR, compiled and edited by Chris Highland (a wonderful book!):

"Chapter 26: On and On into Infinite Mystery

Probably these gallflies make mistakes at times, like anybody else; but when they do, there is simply a failure of that particular brood, while enough to perpetuate the species do find the proper plants and nourishment. Many mistakes of this kind might be made without being discovered by us. Once a pair of wrens made the mistake of building a nest in the sleeve of a workman's coat, which was called for at sundown, much to the consternation and discomfiture of the birds. Still the marvel remains that any of the children of such small people as gnats and mosquitoes should escape their own and their parents' mistakes, as well as the vicissitudes of the weather and hosts of enemies, and come forth in full vigor and perfection to enjoy the sunny world. When we think of the small creatures that are visible, we are led to think of many that are smaller still and lead us on and on into infinite mystery.

'The inner -- what is it? if not intensified sky; hurled through with birds and deep with winds of homecoming.'
~ Rainer Maria Rilke"


R.L. Bourges said...

put me on the mailing list for your book, am. I love the cover. I'm sure it gets better from there.

As for Rilke, that's the second time I come across him on blogs today. There's plenty more here



robin andrea said...

The book cover is quite beautiful. I would love to see more.

Unknown said...

I have Mac SO 10.5.2.
Maybe I could help you?

Dawn said...

hey AM!

glad to see you out and about!
you know they have lots of places online now to publish books.
love the John Muir quote and the Rilke quote. My old art instructor use to quote Rilke all the time. brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

I love the cover, and hope you'll publish it some day soon. I'll buy a copy for sure.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful cover, am. I hope you do finish and publish your book.

The Solitary Walker said...

Keep us informed. I will buy a copy too.