Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Aretha Franklin recorded Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" in tribute. This is for my nephew today. I haven't seen him since he was 10 years old.

My nephew could have been born in 1992 on Christmas Day, but he waited to be born early in the afternoon on the 12th day of Christmas, also known as Epiphany -- January 6, 1993. I remember that my brother-in-law was wondering if their boy was going to share his birthday with Elvis Presley on January 8. On the day my nephew was born there was snow on the ground and clear skies. A full moon rose in the evening of his first day, and the stars came out as bright as can be. After his mother and father were asleep, I held him in the moonlight that lit the hospital room. Around midnight, I drove north through the almost desert-like snow-covered landscape. I remember seeing Orion. I remember how amazed and grateful I was to have spent time with my newborn nephew.

Inspired by Dr. Quill has almost reached the creche, I gathered some wise people and animals for today:

And this was after all the wise people and animals had arrived before dawn:

jarvenpa from Outside The Windows had a good question that I'm going to use for my nephew's 16th birthday and the 12th day of Christmas:

"It's a complicated thing, this life.

Oh, my dears, wherever you are--comfort and joy to you. Maybe the loving crazy energy of Dr. Quill--of our childish imaginings and hopes and dreams--could really heal us all.

Who knows?"

May Love Bless and Keep Us Always!

Happy Birthday!

Aunt Am

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