Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work Table February 2009 / Memory

February 18, 1970 -- from R in Vietnam:

Thanks to Solitary Walker for the link to Loreena McKennitt singing "Dark Night of the Soul."


R.L. Bourges said...

I love your work space - and your pencil sharpener! Used to have one just like It.

Turtles are always nice to have around. Hardy - and such beautiful patterns on their shells.

Loreena - well, I add my thanks to Solitary Walker for that one.


Anonymous said...

work space photos tell a nice story, a little like looking at someone's woodpile. great space, seems to connect to what you create.kjm

robin andrea said...

I really like the aesthetics of your workspace. There is an orderliness that conveys the zen of art and function.

Have you ever read Gary Snyders' book of poetry "Turtle Island"-- seeing R's turtle reminded me of it.

am said...

R.L. -- I've had that pencil sharpener since I returned to college in the early 1980's with the goal of finishing my B.A. degree. It's the kind we had in grade school classrooms, too. (-:

kjm -- This work table has been with me for a long time. It's a home within a home.

robin andrea -- TURTLE ISLAND is one of my favorite books! Thanks for reminding me of it.