Monday, August 2, 2010

Ocean in view! O! The joy!

It's been a long journey. Earlier this morning I found myself on a rough stretch of ground. I wasn't alone. None of us were. A few minutes ago, I went out to check for my mail before lying down to rest before work. There was a letter from a nonprofit organization, requesting donations. Glued to the letter was a 2005 U.S. nickel, face up. I detached it and idly looked at the tails side and saw what appeared to be an ocean scene. Suddenly wide awake, I looked more closely. What did it say? Ocean in view of the joy? Huh?

Back in my living room, I got out my magnifying glass.

Ocean in view! O! The joy!


Dale said...


Loren said...

Thanks for being so observant!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we got one of those requests with a nickel attached as well. It didn't have an ocean scene on the back. I wish it did.

bev said...

As Loren commented, how observant!