Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rain's not so bad, and you can hear the birds singing


Taradharma said...

beautiful photo. I've been thinking how lucky we are, what with all that snow and below freezing temps on the east coast. I can handle some rain. And yet, we are having our 5th or 6th day of 70 temps and beautiful sunny skies. It's a weird early spring, which certainly must end, right?

Dale said...


Kevin said...

feels like march today with bald eagles over commencement bay. kjm

bev said...

I love those days when it is a little warmer and the birds begin to sing. When we were at our farm in Ontario, that was a reliable sign that winter was losing its grip and spring was sure to follow. Oddly enough, there is a parallel here in the mountains of southeast Arizona. While there are birds singing in the garden all winter long, there is a time when new songs join with the ambient chatter. That happened a couple of days ago. It must signal the first wave of migrants moving into the area. Exciting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. I can almost hear the trill of a red-winged black bird in it.

am said...

TaraDharma -- In the past few days, I've been noticing how much being in Bellingham can feel like being somewhere on Monterey Bay on an overcast day. Some things appear brighter against the grey. Sounds can be more noticeable. I appreciate seeing through your window to the sunny skies!

Dale -- Hi Dale (-:

Kevin -- It is feeling like March, isn't it?

bev -- I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering how your winter in Bisbee is going. That is exciting about the arriving birds adding to the winter bird song.

robin andrea -- A funny thing just happened. My sister sent me a DVD of birds and music. Just as I wrote your name, there was a sequence with a red-winged blackbird trilling! Glad you like the photo (-:

The DVD is called So Many Feathers: Bird Watching without Binoculars. I recommend it.