Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

A heart-shaped cloud to the east:

As we enter Memorial Day Weekend, I want to recommend taking a look at:

Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground, by Glenda M. Carter.

The American Widow Project.

This message.

As I was writing this post, a song from the American Civil War came to mind. I remember first hearing it when I was 13 or 14 years old, never imagining how my life and the lives of so many of my generation would be changed by the Vietnam War and the wars that have followed:

Further: Scroll down here, which places the "The Cruel War" in the Revolutionary War times and says that it is likely a tune from England.

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Taradharma said...

oh, am, what a lovely post. Everything in it resonates deeply with me. That song -beautiful and sad (I'd never heard it) and I may repost it on my blog.

The story and book about the widow's experience, the intro, "You are holding their love in your hands. Take it, use it, give it away. In this barren and beleaguered world there is always someone at our very fingertips whose life can shine more brightly through our love." Heart breakingly beautiful and true.

And your own story of Richard. His drawing exquisite -- I'm guessing a real reflection of the man.

Thank you thank you for a most touching post on this Memorial Day weekend.