Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Standing Bow Pose / Looking out at Bellingham Bay

Back in November, a metal sculpture of a woman in the Standing Bow pose, a variation of Natarajasana (King of the Dancers), appeared on a tiny island in Bellingham Bay near the Taylor Street Dock. All I can find out through Google searching today is in a Letter to the Editor of the Bellingham Herald where it is given a thumbs up by a local woman and referred to as guerilla art, with hopes that the City of Bellingham would allow it to remain there. A mystery. I couldn't find any other photos of it on the internet.


Loren said...

Bet that picture wasn't taken yesterday ;-)

It was freezing and raining when i finally got to Blaine.

Keara said...

What a great picture. I absolutely love the sculpture. To say nothing of the expression "guerilla art"! I hope she will be permitted to stand for a very long time.