Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strange Days Have Come Again / The Master of Cognitive Dissonance / "We Are The World"

Warning:  The following is not going to be easy to watch:

Duquesne Whistle

This is another side of Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan rehearses for "We Are The World"

Last Saturday I looked up in the sky to the southwest and saw a cloud that looked like a curtain or a veil.  It was a cirrus vertebratus cloud.  That isn't my photo.  I have lost the link that identified its source.

It's time to take a long walk.

May all beings be relieved of suffering.

May love bless and keep us always.

(Or maybe it was a virga cloud.  This isn't my photo either, and the link has been lost.)


Anonymous said...

Have you ever checked out the Cloud Appreciation Society? It's a wonderful site.

am said...

Yes! I love that site. I have their book, too (-: