Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just like a wheel / Mousie Brown's ingenuity

Does anyone remember this childrens' song?

He ran up the candlestick
The little mousie brown
To steal and eat some tallow
But he could not get down.
He cried, "Mama, do come quick!"
But Mama was in town
So he rolled up just like a wheel
And rollee-rolled, rollee-rolled,
Rolled himself right down.

I know I don't have the tune exactly right, but that is close to what I can hear in my mind.  As a child, I was not allowed to sing in the Glee Club in grade school or in the Glee Club in junior high because I have trouble carrying a tune.  The part of my brain that carries tunes doesn't work as well as the part of my brain that allows me to draw, and I've always been ashamed of not being able to carry a tune.  Today I can hear that I sing like a child who is still learning to sing, and I'm not ashamed of my voice.  

When I looked around on YouTube, I found a different version with a different tune and a grandma instead of a mama.

Here is the Chinese Mother Goose version:

As a child of the 1950s and to this day, I am boundlessly delighted by Mousie Brown's ingenuity.  

Ain't it just like a wheel to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet?  

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