Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wild Blue Sky of Day Meditation

Rebecca Solnit

In reading The Faraway Nearby,  I learned about the Library of Water where Rebecca Solnit was a Writer in Residence in 2008.  If you have time, read three of her essays that can be found at the Library of Water website.

Ever since I changed this blog's URL recently, the traffic to my blog is now pretty much limited to people whose blogs I read.  There are a few mysterious readers whose locations still show up regularly on my ClusterMap.  Thank you, mysterious readers, for continuing to stop by.  It's just like starting over, as John Lennon once remarked.  Things are pretty quiet around here.  The Amaryllis on my porch is about to bloom.

("The Wild Blue Sky of Day" is a pastel drawing on paper from the early 1980s by am)

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Anonymous said...

You remind me that I should check some time to see who stops by the Dharma Bums, and how they get there.