Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Start from zero / Down to zero

You have to be very strong, ’cause you’ll start from zero
Over and over again…

(Thanks to Goat for Lou Reed lyrics from "The Summation")

Up there at the top of my post is a view from my porch looking to the southeast.  When the clouds lift in fall and winter, the sky here is exquisitely blue -- a deeper blue than the spring and summer sky.  The lower the humidity, the bluer the sky.

There's a bit of magic in everything
And then some loss to even things out
(Lyrics by Lou Reed from "The Summation")


The Solitary Walker said...

Oh, I adore Joan Armatrading! Seeing her once live (and Lou Reed twice) are outstanding life events for me.

Anonymous said...

Love being reminded of Joan Armatrading, and seeing your blue, blue skies and that wonderful cloud.

Tara said...

one of my favorite Armatrading songs! Now I'm gonna dig through my itunes library and have a little Joan fest. Thanks to you.

Goat said...

That whole Reed song is full of great lines. Very life-affirming. I've been on an LR binge that shows no sign of abating. As usual when someone important makes their last exit, I find myself feeling guilty that I took them for granted, never paid enough attention while they were still here.

That's quite a view from your porch. Better than mine at the moment, that's for sure. No, wait on -- I don't HAVE a porch. I barely even have a window.

Crippling porch envy. It's a curse...