Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time for a walk

Here you can see where the creek becomes a waterfall.
Just beyond this is the WPA bridge.

Just a few minutes walking distance from my home I can enter Whatcom Falls Park by way of the trail that goes alongside Scudder Pond, which is what my porch looks out on.  On a full day, I may just walk for about 10 minutes and then turn around.  Other days I can walk for several hours on the forest trails and beyond to the acres of cemetery to the south of Whatcom Falls Park.  On the day after Thanksgiving, I walked a loop that takes about hour, going down the west side of Whatcom Creek and circling back across the WPA bridge to the east side and heading north from there.

From pages 9 and 10 of A Winter Walk, by Tolbert McCarroll:

A nineteenth-century farmer referred to winter as "our season" because daily life was not dictated by when to plant or harvest.

It is in the cycles of the year that many of us find our spiritual paths -- not in the doctrines or dogmas of religious institutions.


Anonymous said...

You do have such a beautiful place to walk. Love the quotes.

Tara said...

what beautiful sights and sounds. i love the rushing always brings me peace.

Good quotes, too. Here's one for you, "An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." HDT

am said...

Thank you robin andrea and Tara!

Goat said...

Those are really nice quotes and a great way of looking at a season that for me (in the northern hemisphere at least) is often a challenge.

You have some beautiful water in your neighbourhood. If you saw what passes for a creek a few minutes from my place, you'd probably feel like crying. Luckily when I follow it up into the hills it regains some of its creek-ness, but I've only seen white water like yours in it on a couple of occasions after really heavy rain.