Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A vision for the first day of 2014

"... And the coho are there -- speaking to us with their presence, telling us what they need.  Not a neat and tidy little stream, but messy and dynamic -- with dark places and slow, murky side-channels to hide in. We are learning, ever so slowly, to think less like humans and more like fish.  It is a complex journey, and now at the end of this first project, we extend our deep gratitude to the coho for returning to Baker Creek, and for keeping the faith alive in the Mattole River watershed ..."

(from Sanctuary Forest in Whitethorn, Humboldt County, California)

In keeping with a splendid tradition, Val McKee's luminous art work graces Sanctuary Forest's 2014 calendar:


Anonymous said...

I like thinking about the Mattole Watershed on the first day of the year. It feels very hopeful.

Nick said...

An elegant piece of work, that calendar.

Dominic Rivron said...

Thinking like fish - or not thinking. Going through a long, involved life-cycle that involves so much traveling about, just taking it for granted and never thinking of doing anything else, just doing what one does. Natural processes like this are so mysterious. It's easy to think that we're "better at thinking" and "know what we're doing" but I often wonder to what extent I'm "doing my own thing" and to what extent I'm just going through the motions evolution has set for me?