Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mandala #2: Through the rainbow series


Zach said...

hey, thanks for reading my blog (and the awesome comment). i left you a totally long reply, so feel free to drop by whenever you like.

i really like your work. you're a way talented artist. i especially like the portraits: they have a haunting quality - very mysterious and dream-like.

since my serious work is totally abstract (i paint portraits for a living, but they're not at all original. if someone wants a warhol-like portrait, i can manage it. van gogh, manet, renoir, modigliani, degas, cassatt, hopper, hockney--i just paint whatever is wanted most), i admire painters that can create original portraits big time.

i enjoyed reading many of your posts and i think it's really cool that you have music on your blog.

i also totally like janis, dylan, merton, picasso, van gogh, baez, lennon, the beatles, dickinson, joni mitchell, Whitman, birds, clouds, solitude, brautigan, chagall, patti smith, blake, dylan thomas, vonnegut..... i could go on, but i have to first finish reading your awesome blog!

have you read may sarton's journal of a solitude? it really helped me feel way more positive about being such a total recluse. most people are afraid and lonely when they are alone for days and days. but it can be a good thing: it gives the solitary person a chance to think, write, paint, pray, meditate--in a really pure sort of way.

thanks for letting me read your awesome blog. i feel totally humbled. it's sort of like i've just been to church and a really cool art museum.

i'm very much looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful mandalas. Love this artwork.

Anonymous said...

I saw this article in the Washington Post, and it made me think of you.

am said...

Zach -- Thank you for your long reply to my comment at your blog.

Thank you for your appreciation of my art work.

I have read that book by May Sarton. I feel most safe when I am in solitude but have become more comfortable socially in recent years.

Have you read this book?:


A mental health counselor who helped me in my early sobriety suggested that book. It's been many years since I read it. Maybe it's time for me to read it again.

Funny that you should comment that my blog made you think of a church and an art museum:


An alternative name for my blog would be "Welcome to the Church of the Holy Contradiction."

Walt Whitman's words move me:

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."

robin andrea -- Thank you, robin andrea. I love your photography (-:

am said...

Thanks for the link, robin andrea (-: