Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lost Coast

While on a brief break from working on the medical transcription editing online training program just now, I was right on time for sunset at the Lost Coast webcam.

There are 29 days left for me to finish the training program. I've been unemployed since 2011 and hope to be working part-time as a medical transcription editor sometime after I have cataract surgery on my left eye in mid-April.

My memories of time spent on the Lost Coast continue to sustain me.


Sabine said...

Go easy on the eyes, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well on the eye surgery. Maybe you'll journey back to the Lost Coast and watch a sunset with those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the cataract. I had a squeamish fear of eye treatments until I needed one and then I found out it was great and the staff were great. I'd have no worries going back if I needed to.

I went on a "google map" road tour of the Big Sur area. I'll have to explore Lost Coast similarly if I can.

am said...

Thank you, blog friends! I have my moments of just wanting to cancel the surgery, but then I remember how difficult it is to see people's faces when I am facing into the light.

Won't be able to travel again until I get a job and then have some vacation time. Something to look forward to (-:

sackerson -- Thank you for reminding me that I could go to Big Sur and the Lost Coast on Google Maps. I took a little "google map" drive down Mattole Road just now.