Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mandala #21: Talking About The Creative And The Receptive

Self-employment is not keeping me from walking, from my yoga practice or from drawing, but I have not found much time for my blog, although I continue to visit other blogs.

Still trying to identify a mystery bird who appeared on my porch railing as I was sitting on my yoga mat.  I thought it was a small owl until it turned its head:

It caught my attention because it appears to be a young bird but is so much larger than any young bird I have ever seen on my porch.

Update:  A friend who knows about birds has identified the mystery bird as a young European starling.


Anonymous said...

Really good to know that you are walking, doing yoga, and drawing. Important balances to self-employment. Wish I could help you identify that bird. I can't really tell, although it looks like it could be a young starling. Not sure, though. Looking forward to more posts!

Tara said...

Hmmmm...mystery bird. Is it still coming around? Maybe put some seed out and get a clearer photo of it. There must be "apps" to identify birds from photos, surely.

All the walking, yoga, and drawing is essential. Especially in these very weird times.

am said...

robin andrea and Tara: Seems that it might be a young crow. Have not seen it again.