Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Early Morning Light

We are so lightly here. 
It is in love that we are made. 
In love we disappear.
Leonard Cohen, Boogie Street

Thanks to Beth for the quote.


Colette said...

I love that song. All of his work, really, but that song stays with me.

Tara said...

I recently watched his Live in London DVD again. Inspirational. What an artist.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful morning light and such a lovely quote.

Snowbrush said...

I'm very impressed that you’ve been having to struggle to pay your bills, yet you have the ability to focus on living a life of depth guided by the desire to cultivate an awareness of the meaning of your existence as a human being on earth in the year 2017. I think of Maslow’s Pyramid and its emphasis on the idea that people can only cultivate what I will—for lack of a better word—call spirituality when their physical and, to some extent, their emotional needs have been met, and when they have confidence that these needs will continue to be met. It takes so very little to throw my own mind into disarray, and for the hopelessness I feel (about existence having value) on even my best days to mushroom like one of those nuclear bombs.

Thank you for posting a photo of yourself and of what I assume to be your cat. After a lifetime of dogs, I now have no dogs, but I do have three cats, and they are such a joy to me, especially the little tuxedo girl that I got from a shelter in November, and whose shelter I kept. She is Scully, and I also a Brewsky and an Ollie. I am so blessed that all three of my cats adore one another.