Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hexagram 58 / Tui / The Joyous Lake that I have not fully acknowledged

Between my living room and porch and the
mountains to the east, there is a 14-mile lake.  I rarely
mention it.  I'm not sure why I have paid so little
attention to such a beautiful lake, except that for
so many years, I missed the ocean so much that I
could not get excited about a lake. That is changing.
I've been walking a short  distance along its shore
as part of my walking route in the last few weeks.
There is also a 6-mile round-trip trail along the
north shore of the lake.  Next time I walk there,
I will bring my camera.

Hexagram 58 -- Tui -- The Joyous Lake on a cloudy
early morning a few weeks ago:

You've seen the mountains on the other side of the lake
before.  Here's a spring view of them:


Colette said...

I hope we hear more about this recently acknowledged lake. It appears to be a beauty.

Sabine said...

How wonderful! Yes, do tell us more about your lake. And you can look across it from your window I assume, what a gift!

I used to think lakes are inferior to the ocean. Until I stopped comparing. Lakes are so so so amazingly beautiful and mysterious and often excellently swimmable (probably not a word, but you know what I mean).

Not far from us, there are several almost completely round and very deep volcanic crater lakes ( and while most are protected nature reserves, you can swim in some of them, a unique experience, floating on completely black, deep, often very cold water with the summer sky above.