Sunday, December 16, 2018

Early Morning, Trees, Oboe

I love the two evergreen trees that someone planted years ago on the other side of Scudder Pond.  My guess is that the two trees spent a December in someone's house before being planted outside.  One is slightly smaller than the other.  It was years before they were tall enough for me to be conscious of them.

Yesterday evening, my sister who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi, sent an email to me and my youngest sister.  The email contained a photo of a little evergreen tree that she planted on her property.  I was struck by the coincidence that I had a vision a few days ago, upon awakening, of a tree like that growing in my heart.  It turns out that my sister's tree is a Deodar cedar.  Hmmmm ...  The linked article mentions weeping Atlas cedars, which brings to mind George Harrison's song "Beware of Darkness," from the album "All Things Must Pass," which R gave to me for Christmas in 1970 soon after his return from serving as a helicopter mechanic during the Vietnam War.  George Harrison was an avid gardener and planted an amazing number of trees on his property.

Weeping Atlas Cedars
They just want to grow, grow and grow

The next three trees are Sequoiadendron giganteum,  They were pointed out to me by a Bellingham friend who lives within walking distance of them.  Bellingham and Whatcom County have a surprising number of Redwood trees that were brought up from California, beginning at least a century ago.

Speaking of trees.  This was brought to my attention via my email inbox.

And that is Oboe, my talkative 13-year-old cat.


37paddington said...

I suspect you and your sister have been skipping through tree gardens together in your dreams. Lovely photos.

ellen abbott said...

trees are sentient beings. well, all life is sentient but trees are such magnificent creatures. do you live in/near Bellingham? I have another cyber friend who lives there.

am said...

ellen abbott -- Linda Sue's husband used to be my dentist (-:

My life so far said...

That's strange. I had a dream about my Paul McCartney. In real life he bought part of my auntie's farm in southern England and planted it with hundreds of trees. My mother's ashes and my auntie's ashes are both sprinkled there. But in my dream I was telling someone about the trees he had planted and about the wild woods that are nearby.

Trees are good for the soul