Sunday, March 17, 2019

2009-2010 (253 deaths)

TUCSON SECTOR 2009-2010 (253 deaths), made by Verni Greenfield of Portland, Oregon

"Perhaps it is difficult to imagine that something as humble as a quilt could change the world — but witnessing the humanity drawn together, in known and unknown names, in personal artifacts, and in the abiding effort to salvage something beautiful from staggering loss, it seems harder to imagine that it could not, at least, change someone’s heart." (Sarah Rose Sharp -- February 12, 2019)


beth coyote said...

WOW. Of course it is women memorializing the dead. With quilts, sewing, fiber arts.

thank you.

37paddington said...
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Sabine said...

This is stunning. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

37paddington said...

A poignant quote about quilts, which certainly have changed the world. Quilts made by African slaves were hung on lines as messages to people fleeing on the underground railroad for example. On another note, I read something you wrote in comments on robin's blog, about your father's home by the sea. It was beautiful. I am always so moved by what you share. You are a kind and humane soul.

PS sorry for the deletion above. I edited my comment to presume less. Love.