Saturday, June 15, 2019

Jingle Dress Dance / All of us who live in the Americas are living in Indian Country / Whatcom means "noisy water"

The Google doodle today celebrates the Jingle Dress Dance.  On my way home this morning, traffic was stopped for Whatcom County road repairs.  I took this photo:

Watch the Jingle Dress Dance:

Learn about the Jingle Dress tradition:


Anonymous said...

So interesting. I've never heard of the Jingle Dress Dance. I love learning something new. Thank you for that!

Sabine said...

Every year I give myself a reading challenge and this year I decided to re-read all of what Louise Erdrich has written in chronological order. She often writes about these and other dances.

I love your title about living in Indian Country, reminds me of a quote by I think the anthropologist Louise Leakey when she was asked whether such and such a place was within walking distance and she replied: Everything is within walking distance.
(Meaning: this is one planet.)

Tara said...

I've been to a few Pow Wows before, but the concept of the jingle dress dance is new to me. This is so interesting. I'm going to read more on it.

And yes, we are ALL living on Indian Land. Here in California, we never learn about native peoples in school. It was with great astonishment I learned, as a young woman, of the slaughter of California tribes my white men -- the Governor of the state put a bounty on their heads, thus expediting mass killings. What a horror.

That many tribes have kept their traditions alive is a beautiful thing.