Friday, December 20, 2019

As December 21, 2019 approaches / "Remembering the Deer Mother"

Remembering The Deer Mother of Winter Solstice from Danielle Prohom Olson on Vimeo.

Thanks to Zhoen.

By the way, my blog was 13 years old on December 8.  I'm still immersed in my Spanish studies and not posting much lately but experiencing much gratitude for old and new blog friends and doing my best to keep up with your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Happy Winter Solstice! Now we wait for the beautiful return of the sun.

37paddington said...

Do you think you'll spend some time in a Spanish speaking community abroad as part of your studies? Hope you're enjoying the season!

Tara said...

thank you for posting this on the deer information for me. I will now toast the Deer Mother tonight, on this longest night of the year!

I, too, began my blog in December. I can't remember exactly how long ago now (I used to keep track). It must be 13 to 15 years ago, which just amazes me. I started soon after The New Dharma Bums began; they inspired me.

Happy Solstice, dear (deer) Amanda.

Zhoen said...

Good blogiversary!

Sabine said...

Happy blog annivewrsary! I am so happy I have found you.

There is so much attached to the winter solstice for me. Weather permitting, we celebrate with a small group of friends around a bonfire. (This year, it was too windy, so just tea and punch.)
I am still hopeful that one day, I may be able to visit Newgrange, a Stone Age passage tomb in Ireland, for solstice (without clouds in the sky) to see this here: