Friday, July 3, 2020

Talkative Oboe Listens / One thing leading to another (otra vez)

About a month ago while listening to Bob Dylan's "Time Out Of Mind" from 1997, as I make my way through my collection of cassette tapes and CDs of Bob Dylan's music from 1962 to 2020, I looked up and saw Oboe lift her head in a way that I have not often seen her do.  I picked up my camera and filmed her.  When I tried to upload the short video to YouTube, I received a notice that my video would be blocked because of a music copyright issue, and so I figured out how to mute the copyrighted music.  I am grateful that I have this short video of Oboe in May 2020.

The Fish

Although you hide in the ebb and flow
Of the pale tide when the moon has set,
The people of coming days will know
About the casting out of my net,
And how you have leaped times out of mind
Over the little silver cords,
And think that you were hard and unkind,
And blame you with many bitter words.

My mother purchased a print titled "Shadow-play Cat, by Dorr Bothwell, many years ago.  She found
it at an art gallery not far north of where my parents lived in Gualala, California, for the 25 years
prior to my mother's death in 1994.  For the past 14 years, the print has been hanging on the wall 
above where I put Oboe's food.  In the print my mother purchased, the lower part of the print is 
orange rather than blue but otherwise the same.  I've moved the print to my living room where I can 
enjoy seeing it more easily now.

The summer cloud view from my porch has been lovely.

Something is being mischievous with my layout today  (-:


Anonymous said...

A lovely video of Oboe, so very sweet. I like the connections in all of this.

Colette said...

You've given us so much in this post. Many thanks.

37paddington said...

Oboe's eyes seem to know everything. Such a beautiful memory, with all its precious threads.

Sabine said...

There is so much in cats we don't understand or even see. This is such a lovely to reminder of it.

ellen abbott said...

so nice that you have video of Oboe. but I'm a bit confused, this is not the print your mother bought?

am said...

ellen abbott -- The only image I could find on the internet was the one with yellow and blue, and I used it because it is a crisp clear image. The one on my wall in the photo is yellow and orange, and it's number 4 of 24 printed. Not sure what the story is. I do know that it is a silkscreen print and that the artist could ink the silk screen in different colors for different printings. I did find it odd that there is no image on the internet of the print in yellow and orange. It makes me think that the first run was in yellow and orange and that those were all sold and that people loved them and held on to them rather than put them up for sale on the internet. That's my guess (-: