Sunday, August 16, 2020

"... Practice every day, with love ..." / Morris Broderson / Suzanne Jackson / More of one thing leading to another

Morris Broderson was Joan Ankrum's nephew.  She opened the Ankrum Gallery on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles with William Challee in 1960.  Morris' art work was first displayed at that gallery.  The Ankrum Gallery staged the first group show for black artists in that area and featured the work of diverse artists for 29 years.

Had I not followed my intuition and clicked on link after link because I found a comment on another blog to be compelling, I would have missed being inspired by Morris Broderson and missed learning about Suzanne Jackson, seen below with Bill Challee, co-founder of the Ankrum Gallery

(photo screen shot from Ankrum Gallery Records from The Archives of American Art)

Currently getting up at 2 a.m. and working on Mandala #50:   

... when asked if you care about
the world's problems, look deeply
into the eyes of he that asks
you, he will not ask you again ... 

(from "Advice to Geraldine On Her Miscellaneous Birthday" -- Bob Dylan, early 1960s)


Sabine said...

Goodness, I am rarely asleep at 2 am these days of heat and humidity.

Sackerson said...

Practice every day with love - and don't think about being successful is great advice. Reminds me how I read that Andy Warhol said that he considered it axiomatic that you don't get what you want until you stop wanting it.

It's great working on things in the night! I know that feeling, when you approach what you're making, knowing you're about to immerse yourself in it and lose track of time.