Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The dreams and creativity of our young people / Rain has never been more welcome / Alive Alive-O / Against all odds / Three generations / "... the sapling was glowing."/ People Have The Power

"Children's Art Walk Children’s Art Walk is a cherished Bellingham tradition. This year even with everything we are currently enduring in the world we could not bring ourselves to call it off. We are excited to present our first-ever virtual Kid’s Art Walk tour. Once again we partnered with Cedar Tree and Samish Woods Montessori’s and had their 4th through 6th graders pick the most imaginative dream in their dream journals to inspire their creations. All of these works will be showcased on our website during May along with stories to describe their work. We found local and regional artists to pair up with each student and reinterpret their work in their own medium. In total this show features over 100 artists between the students and the working artists to create a dreamy and eclectic overview of work." (MAKE.SHIFT May Art Walk: Kids Art Walk - Beyond My Wildest Dreams)

Yesterday morning

This morning after the first debate

Nearly 50 years ago I bought a pair of glasses, inspired by John Lennon, and then never wore them but have kept them all these years.  A few weeks ago, I took them to my optician and asked if she could put new lenses in them.  I am wearing them now.  They help me to see well enough to draw

(I lied about my weight.  I had an eating disorder.  120-125 pounds was my goal weight.   I actually weighed a "healthy" 135 pounds that I achieved by restrictive dieting and found impossible to maintain.  I was 5'7" tall, but my goal weight was based on thinking I was 5'6" tall and wanting to be at the lowest "healthy" weight possible.  I was bulimic and anorexic, binging and throwing up, constantly on a diet, obsessed with restricting my caloric intake and compulsively exercising from age 10 to age 37.  This 1971 photo was taken just before my life took a dark turn.  The 13 years that followed were a mostly a nightmare I thought would never end.  This month marks 33 years since I learned that it is possible to be free of compulsive overeating and endless dieting.  I am  within a few ounces of what is considered "overweight," but it is a truly healthy weight for my current 5'6" (loss of height due to normal aging).  I don't diet.  I don't worry about my weight anymore.  I don't have a scale in my home.  The only reason I know what I weigh is that I was weighed in a doctor's office a few weeks ago.  In my opinion, the charts for "normal weight" are inaccurate.  I would still be at a healthy weight for me if I were to gain 10 pounds.  In order to be at the low end of what is considered "healthy" for my height, I would have to starve myself.)

Patti loves Fred:

Thank you to beth coyote for posting this.  I can't resist posting it here, too.  Together, Patti and Fred wrote this beautiful song in 1988:

Tomorrow will be my 71st birthday.  Patti Smith will be 74 years old in December.  My only nephew will be 27 years old in January 2021.  My grandnephew will be 6 years old in May 2021.   


Ava Johnson 
Glowing Sapling
Inspired by Zander


By Zander:

I was surrounded by vines, leaves, and trees.  The trees were beautiful:  Oak and maple, at least 200 years old.  But in the middle of the clearing was a tiny, tiny sapling and, strangely enough, the sapling was glowing.


People Have The Power

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing the photos and hearing the rain and following your journey. As I type this today is your birthday. Wishing you a very happy and celebratory day there.