Saturday, September 25, 2021

THE LAND OF LOOK BEHIND reassures a child from long ago


In the delightful teaching and healing story of  The Land of Look Behind, by Leisa Robotham-Reid and Gabrielle Eubank-Green, 6-year-old Angela "went to sleep dreaming of the Land of Look Behind and all the favorite toys waiting patiently to be found in that magical place."


One of my earliest memories is of a red horse that I loved and carried around with me wherever I went.  In the two photos below, I am 21 months old and 2 years old.  My middle sister was born when I was 18 months old.  Sometime between 21 months old and 24 months old, I lost my red horse and was absolutely bewildered and bereft.  It was hard to understand that my red horse was gone.  I can still feel the sadness I felt then.  I was given a panda bear which I bonded with as I had bonded with the lost red horse.  The family photo album below those two photos shows me carrying my beloved panda bear which I carried in most photos at the time my middle sister was 6 months old.  Unfortunately, I also lost that panda bear and am told that I cried and cried unconsolably.  Fortunately, my father understood how much I needed that panda bear and went out and found a second panda bear, which I accepted without question, carried around for years, always careful not to lose him, and I have him to this day.  My mother told me the story about the lost first panda bear when I was in my 40s.


Now I know where my red horse and my first panda are and can sleep peacefully knowing they are safe there in that magical place.  Thank you so much, Leisa and Gabrielle!

Thank you to 37 Paddington for her part in making this book available to children everywhere!


37paddington said...

Omg! I love this! Thank you for taking the story of little Angela and Rufus so personally to heart!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely memory and story inspired by a wonderful new storybook. I love this, the photos and the comfort.

ellen abbott said...

I only have one stuffed toy from my childhood. really don't know why I still have it, don't remember being attached to it more than any other. but that's a nice idea, the land of look behind.