Tuesday, March 22, 2022

A timeless tree with deep roots / "Home"

A Bob Dylan song with deep roots, interpreted by a young woman in 2021 with some lyric changes that speak to her experience.  


Taylor Spring bringing it all back 



Pixie said...

I listened to Go From My Window which led me to "Come To My Window" by Melissa Etheridge. Lovely songs.

Linda said...

I love all of those. The irrepressible joy of Home, the beautiful music and the melancholic strains of Dylan. Thank you for sharing them.

Sabine said...

I remember when Home was released, sometime in early 2010, my daughter and her partner were working in SE Asia and I was in hospital with a new and weird diagnosis. She sent me a link to the video of the song from an internet cafe on the Mekong river during her lunch break and wrote about how we always described to her the world as our homeland and how that helps her being so far away physically.