Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Looking at the early morning sun through the cottonwood trees and looking at what the sun lights up.


Any day now, Orion will rise before dawn.  Already I can see the Pleiades.  I look forward to seeing Orion every year in early August.


A few days ago, my first cousin and her daughter (my first cousin once-removed) whose oldest son is about to go away to college and I were talking while sitting on some cement steps just above tide pools on the east side of Bellingham Bay.  We saw three black oystercatchers fly by and then one flew back to the tide pools.  I don't recall seeing oystercatchers here before.  I did find a YouTube video of a single oystercatcher, filmed north of here in British Columbia.  A charming elegant bird with a squeaky voice you can hear at the end of the video.


And all kinds of clouds in Quebec.


NewRobin13 said...

Such beautiful skies there. Love seeing that oystercatcher video. We see them here at the beach quite often. They are such beautiful birds.

Barbara Rogers said...

I've never seen an Oystercatcher! Cool little birds.

Pixie said...

I've never seen an oystercatcher. We're heading to the BC coast in a couple of weeks. I'll have to keep an eye open.

beth coyote said...

How wonderful to see a bird you don't usually see. I've been seeing an osprey when I swim..