Sunday, January 29, 2023

January 29, 2023: The beginning of Mandala #76 (still using non-dominant hand) and a mysterious dream / Reruns from January 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2007: Two Witnesses (1984), We Were Talking About The Anger Wars (1985), Woman Turning Toward the Light (1985), Woman with Window (1985), Untitled (1985)

In my dream this past week, my father abandoned me, seemingly unaware that I existed. I didn't sense cruelty. He was just oblivious, walking further and further away from me. This had happened before in my dream life. This time I ran after him and confronted him, told him how angry I felt at being abandoned. He looked at me blankly and then he crumpled to the ground crying, asking me to comfort him. He could not handle my anger. He was a small boy again. I felt compassion for him and comforted him.

Now for the re-reruns:






NewRobin13 said...

That is such a compelling dream, am. There is a sense of forgiveness in it, perhaps a letting go.
Love all the artwork.

Sabine said...

This is a very interesting still life image from your desk.

Colette said...

Wow! That was an important dream. Like Robin, I believe you've worked something out there.

Pixie said...

That dream reminded me of my own father, a man who could not cope with his fears and turned them into anger at the world. I imagine my father would do the same as you dreamed your's did, crumple to the ground, asking for comfort.