Friday, March 24, 2023

"... If all else fails, there's always the sky."

My friend who is still in the hospital loves to look out the window and notice the changes in the sky.  An old friend of mine who is currently staying at Pajaro Dunes on Monterey Bay took the above photo last evening.  Turns out that both of them grew up within a few miles of each other on the San Francisco Peninsula in California and couldn't help but love the ocean.

Above us only sky.


My friend isn't religious but has a little card near her bed that reads "Faith."

"... these are trying times that we're living in / Have a little faith, my friend ..."

-- Mavis Staples

Sending love to blog friends near and far.  

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NewRobin13 said...

I love the quote, "If all else fails, there's always the sky." Yes! That could become my new mantra. Beautiful photo of Pajaro Dunes.
I hope all goes well for your friend.