Saturday, October 14, 2023

Grieving a world of wars without end, always listening for rumors of peace / Robin Wall Kimmerer and Chris La Tray / Annular eclipse 2023 / Tiny Mandala #30 / Owls

Robin Wall Kimmerer and Chris La Tray

Braiding Sweetgrass: What does the earth ask of us? 

This talk will be accessible until October 17.  

Chris La Tray is the recently named Poet Laureate of Montana.  I've been reading his blog for several years now and recommend it.  I've bought two of his books of poetry and am looking forward to reading his book which will be published in 2024, Becoming Little Shell.

"... He maintains an online journal called "An Irritable Métis," where he grapples with matters of cultural identity, the natural world, and the path Montana is taking ..."

(quote from Native News Online)


Annular eclipse 2023

From my porch, I took a photo of the sun just before the max view,

and was startled to see what appeared to be a reverse image of the eclipse on the right side of the photo.  Take a look.  A mystery!




In a world of wars without end, I grieve and continue to listen for rumors of peace.


NewRobin13 said...

The world is full of beauty and war. It takes my breath away. We run out to see the sky and watch the eclipse or read the news headlines as the war-torn bodies mount up. I still hope for peace, after all these years... I still hope.

Sabine said...

When we allow empathy and share the suffering of others, we do something human.