Monday, December 25, 2023

Sunrise on Christmas Eve / Bob Dylan's hands (just because)


Bob Dylan's hands:


Addendum, relating to learning Bob Dylan songs and my experience in trying to learn Spanish as a second language.  Bob Dylan's voice and songs engaged me on an emotional level the first time I heard his voice at age 13.  Certain words and short phrases in Spanish are immediately memorable.  Dibujar.  ¡Por supuesto!  Claro que si.  Los impermeables.  ¿Por qué?  Mis abuelos.  Un chiste.  El bebe.  La biblioteca.  La escuela.  Los libros.  El agua.  El cielo.  El lago.  Azul.  Verde.  Amarillo.  Rojo.  El caballo.  La tormenta.  Todos los dias.  El mundo.  Escribir.  Leer.  Me gusta.  Llorar.  Las peliculas.  Vivir.  Una palabra.  Saber.  Los manos.  Los arboles.  Porque.  Quiza si, quiza no.

Where there is no emotion there is no life. If you have to learn something by heart and it is of no interest to you, there is no fire; it does not register, even if you read it fifty times. But as soon as there is emotional interest, it need only be read once and you know it. Therefore emotion is the carrier of consciousness; there is no progress in consciousness without emotion. 

~Marie Louise von Franz

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