Tuesday, March 5, 2024

How Bellingham celebrates its young artists / Tiny Mandala #40 / Harpo and the sun shining through the window

One of the joys of my life is seeing the drawings and paintings of grade school children.  The first photo shows a semi-permanent display at a bus stop next to the public library.  The last three photos are of the rotating art work that is displayed at Trader Joe's grocery store.  Currently on display are drawings of Frida Kahlo.


Every year there is a Children's Art Walk in downtown Bellingham where the street windows of the downtown businesses feature the work of Bellingham's young artists.


Just finished Tiny Mandala #40:

On to #41:

Gave away to an artist friend one of the fifty-three 4 x 4 pieces of printmaking paper that I've been using for the Tiny Mandala series.  Now I will have one Tiny Mandala for each month of the year. 


Although we've had some sunshine, it's still quite cold here.  Shortly after I took this photo, Harpo moved to a few feet forward to a sunny spot near the porch door where he stretched out in the sun.


Sabine said...

Beautiful mandala as always!

am said...

Thank you, Sabine!