Friday, May 4, 2007

Aleph Series: Bhagavad Gita / Psalm 104 / Lao Tzu (2003)

My father died at age 89 on St. Patrick's Day in 2003, just before the Iraq War began. During the last years of his life he wrote his autobiography and chose this photo of himself at 30 years old for the cover:

My father didn't consider himself an artist, but he was.

The Aleph Series is the only art work I did in 2003.

Today the swallows arrived at the cattail pond I look out on from my computer desk. Today to the east are the kind of clouds my father said were one of the many things he liked about Northwest Washington.


Sadiq said...

Ah! so beautiful.

my deep respect and prayer to your father's soul. may he rest in peace.

Sadiq said...

i read again and again!

can i share then in my blog with credit to yours! your works deserve much wider audience to enjoy and embrace.


am said...

Sadiq -- Thank you for your kind words. You are welcome share my art on your blog. See the Creative Commons license on the right side panel of my blog. I look forward to reading your blog.