Sunday, June 3, 2007

Red Duck (2006)

"Red Duck" is the last image from my 40-year retrospective (1966-2006). It was painted after I had a dream last June, where the only thing I could remember was that I had seen a red duck. The dream seemed to be a good omen, and I thought that there might be a new series of paintings in the works. Instead, it was the last image I painted until I started painting again in March of 2007. It could well be considered the first in that same series on which I have been working since March of 2007.

Although I have 24 new paintings, I am going to take a break from blogging for a week or two. Thank you to Loren, Lori , robin andrea , bev and kjm for your comments and encouragement since I began my 40-year retrospective in December of 2006. Thank you to all who have been visiting without leaving any comments.

Here's a sampling from my porch garden. The seeds I planted a few weeks ago are coming up, too.


Anonymous said...

What an image to leave us, the red duck resonates. Thank you for the visual way into the day. May the good light you have given come back to you. kjm

Loren said...

I'll miss you.

Have a good time!

robin andrea said...

I hope your time away from blogging is good and renewing. Your porch garden is beautiful.

Looking forward to the next 24 paintings. See you then.

Lori Witzel said...

Have a lovely blog-break!

The seeds you've planted, on your patio and in our vision, are indeed making wonderful flowers.

Anonymous said...

How very beautiful. Have spent only 30 minutes today, now you're added ro my favorites so I can come and renew. Thanks, Kripa