Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morning view from my yoga mat

A few days ago I dreamed that I was living near the California coast again after 37 years of being away. As I walked down a steep gravel path with the ocean to my right, I felt sunshine as well as deep joy and gratitude. I was not with anyone but I was not alone either. The water was an unusual dark jade green. Grey whales began to appear just below the surface of the ocean, followed by golden fish with almost human faces. Sea lions came out of the ocean to be touched. Finally, a group of ancient sea turtles arrived to look into the faces of all those who stood on the gravel path. I woke up in amazement but drifted back to sleep. As I was between sleeping and waking, I heard this:

"Half of it is gratitude. The other half is being the mayonnaise."


Anonymous said...

great line. and to be able to keep it when you wake, the miracle-whip. kjm

Loren said...

Your dreams definitely seem more interesting than mine, am.

If I had that view from my exercise room, I'd never get any exercise except when it was raining.

Dr.Vasu said...

hello ma'am......greetings to u
I was surfing the net when happened to read your blog.
It was a pleasure though just a glance.Soo much of beauty confined in one....cheers
Have a great day....


Lori Witzel said...

Oh my gosh...the mayo...don't hold the mayo, spread it around! What a fantastic line! :-)

Taradharma said...

sometimes mayo is just mayo. other times it's the light whippedness of egg and oil blending together perfectly and spreading across the bread like a cloud.

great dream!

am said...

kjm -- I don't think I can take credit for a dream, but thanks!

Loren -- Sometimes yoga is the only exercise I get since I've been employed again (-:

Dr. Vasu -- Thank you for stopping by and commenting from Tanzania.

Lori -- Good to hear from you!

TaraDharma -- Homemade mayonnaise. Now there's a treat.

bev said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream. That final line is quite an ending!