Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I Do For A Living

I'm a Production Worker. I assemble and wrap and eat words at home on a computer instead of a typewriter or a conveyer belt. The funniest thing of all is that I like the job and that when I was in high school I got a D in Typing. It's also funny when the voice recognition software concludes that the patient goes to a physican named Dr. Flying Machine.

Jacob Lawrence's Typists, 1966. Gouache on paper, 22 x 30 in.

"They say sing while you slave and I just get bored."
(Bob Dylan)

I don't sing while I slave but I do laugh more than I used to.


bev said...

Ha! That's so funny about the voice recognition software. I've often wondered how good it would be with names or unusual technical terms. Oddly enough, I'd probably like that kind of work too.

am said...

bev -- There is something wonderful about listening to a variety of voices, many speaking English as a second language,as they go through the process of asking someone about their medical or psychiatric history, doing a physical examinination, doing diagnostic studies and coming up with a diagnosis and a plan and then dictating their findings and clinical impressions into a voice recognition system.

My part is a combination of intuitive listening, editing and finger dexterity. I can see how you'd probably like it, too.

gleaner said...

Am, for some time reading your blog your surname seemed familiar but I could never remember why until today. About 20 years ago I travelled to North Queensland, Cape York (Australia) and remember meeting and travelling with a guy and girl from America who were fantastic fun, and the guys last name was very similar or the same as your last name. I can't remember his first name at the moment but I do remember he was from ?Boston / Chicago and I do have photos packed away somewhere which may have his name on the back. I wonder whether he was a relative of yours?

Loren said...

Laughing is always good!

I was wondering if voice recognition software would allow me to post more regularly to my site - probably not.

I do know that my iPhone Google search has taught me to enunciate more clearly.

am said...

Hello Gleaner -- I miss your blog. I'm way behind in responding to comments and posting because of my new/old job.

Interesting to hear of someone with the last name of Rachie who traveled in Australia and came from Boston or maybe Chicago. My grandfather, Elias Rachie, made the name up, so most people with the name Rachie are related to me and have roots in Minnesota and Norway. Some of my grandfather's relatives took the name Rache.
The Norwegian source name was Rake.

Hi Loren -- What made me laugh today was when the voice recognition thought the doctor was saying "We prescribing Happy Thomas."

gleaner said...

Am thanks for your comment - I just can't decide whether to return to blogging or not, I do love the exchange of ideas, poems and words ...I've just closed it until I can make a decision (I'm not very good at making any decisions lately). I still visit blogs but I'm not commenting as much.
I just realised that Boston and Chicago are not near each other and my memory may be wrong...maybe I've confused hearing about Chicago from Oprah! When I unpack my boxes I'll let you know if I find the name.

am said...

gleaner -- Kind wishes as you stand at the turning point of a decision or decisions. I sure do like the photo that goes with your blog and your comments.

Am definitely curious what name you find when you unpack the boxes(-: