Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Down to the windy beach



Taradharma said...

cold and gray...desolate. Where is it?

Anonymous said...

since i left bellingham in the early seventies, i have always been stunned with the wind on the bay. a fisherman friend from near there has told me tales of incredible winds whipping through there--and i see even in summer. kjm

Dale said...

:-) very familiar.

am said...

TaraDharma--It's along the South Bay Trail in Bellingham.

Some of my best days have been the cold and gray ones. The photo image reminded me of the kind of overcast summer day on the California coast that I would seek out when it was unbearably hot in Redwood City, where I grew up. I can understand, though, how living on the coast would make one yearn for the sunshine inland after one too many overcast summer days.

kjm -- It's windy again here today but now it's sunny. The wind off the bay brings good energy to Bellingham.

Dale -- Hi Dale! The music? The view? Both? Neither? None of the above? (-: