Sunday, July 25, 2010

Late July evening / Almost full moon


You'll get tired and you'll get weak
But you won't abandon your masterpiece.
(Jakob Dylan, lyrics from "On Up The Mountain")


Chana Meddin said...

dear am, we spoke today of many things and as the sun sets in the east it remains so bright here on the west side of town! thank you for this post, the photograph of the place we left helps me orient better to the place we now are. (only you will understand, and Oboe!) i love Jakob's voice. Have you drawn a picture today?

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and very serene there.

The Solitary Walker said...

Lovely voice and song. Doesn't he look like his Nashville Skyline era dad?

am said...

Yum-Yum -- Thanks for your comment and your ongoing encouragement. I love Jakob's voice, too. Have you drawn a picture today?

robin andrea -- Keeping you and roger in my thoughts. Sending some Pacific Northwest beauty and serenity your way.

Solitary Walker -- Yes and no to your question. He's older now than his Nashville Skyline era dad but carries the same joy and vitality that his dad carried in the years when the "children were babies and played on the beach" and Sara was "always so close and still within reach." Jakob is the same age his father was in 1981, the Shot of Love era.

I stop and listen when Jakob sings. With gratitude.

gleaner said...

Am, I've just listened to this...its wonderful! His voice sounds a little like Springsteen.

He's one handsome man too.

am said...

gleaner -- That's so true. Jakob does have something of Bruce Springsteen in his voice. I can hear Van Morrison and Paul Simon, too. Almost as if they are singing along with him. His voice is distinctly different from his father's voice. Jakob has the courage to be himself, and that's a gift from his father and mother.

Thanks for stopping by, gleaner!