Tuesday, July 26, 2011

But she breaks just like a little girl / Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Took my breath away when I heard the news of her death on Saturday morning.

Just as it did when I had no idea who she was but first heard her singing, "No, No, No," in the background music in a doctor's office. Could that have been in 2007?

Yes, I'm sure it was. My friend, Richard, was still alive, and that could have been him singing.

Rest in peace.


No, No, No (1:03)

Listen (2:06)

“I’m not a natural born performer. I’m a natural singer, but I’m quite shy, really. You know what it’s like? I don’t mean to be sentimental or soppy but it’s a little bit like being in love, when you can’t eat, you’re restless, it’s like that. But then the minute you go on stage, everything’s OK. The minute you start singing.”
(Amy Winehouse)

"... when I come back, you'll know, know, know..."
(Amy Winehouse, from "Rehab")


Taradharma said...

what a lovely photo of her. may she finally have the peace she so desperately sought.

Anonymous said...

It was only after her death that I looked for her music online. The song Rehab is so sadly prescient. What would have happened if she had sung yes yes yes.

The Solitary Walker said...

Took my breath away too. And I'm still shocked. Though not, I suppose, totally surprised. Didn't Jimi H. also die at 27?

To say she was the Billie Holiday of our generation is stretching things far too far. And yet, and yet - what a voice! I don't normally like modern-style R&B. But I liked it when Amy Winehouse sang it. She fused all kinds of styles into one unique style. And she was such a natural, soulful singer. When she was sober.