Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oboe's Haiku

When I adopted Oboe from an animal shelter around this time of year in 2006, the first thing I became aware of after bringing her home was that she is a talking cat. Could this be a series of haiku by Oboe?


Taradharma said...

I love her little trills...and her pregnant pauses (I'm tempting to say 'paws').

She seems a very content little companion, am.

am said...


Little cat paws(s). Thanks for that!

bev said...

a little frustrating as I can't view the files - these iPads can't see flash files and a couple of other tyoes. When I get back online this autumn, I shall return to see what I've been missing!

am said...

Hi bev. Thanks for stopping by (-:

The video clips are .AVI files. I take the videos on my Canon PowerShot and download them into iPhoto on my MacBook Pro.

When I download them into my blog, I use the Blogger "Add Video" icon, which picks them up from the "All Movies" place on my Finder.

I wonder what part of that isn't compatible with iPad. Maybe Blogger?

I wonder if I could convert the .AVI file to something that your iPad could read.

Now I'm really curious!

Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me that our cat Bonsai might be meowing haikus. What a wonderful idea!

bev said...

Am - It would be interesting to know what is happening with the files, as my iPad seems to be able to view .avi files as that is what comesout of my Canon camera too. However, they are probably compressed into a format that the iOad can't view. By the way, it can view some files on YouTube, but not others. I can't tell what it is doing, but should be able tonfigure things out this autumn when I get back online with my iMac. For niw, I just read and watch what I can and hope that, at some point, apple will have a fix for some of these issues.