Monday, August 29, 2011

Waterfall on Whatcom Creek / Beatles 1963

Listen. It must have been in the summer of 1963, when I first heard "Please Please Me," on the radio, before the Beatles came to the United States. Didn't know who was singing but immediately loved the song and felt like dancing.


Loren said...

Now, that WATERFALL is like music to my ears.

I was too old to ever really enjoy the Beatles, though I ended up liking most of John Lennon's later music.

am said...

These days I do a lot more listening to waterfalls and birds and wind in the trees than I do to music (-:

John Lennon was my favorite from that moment in 1964 when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. My favorite album, though, is George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass." That is something I still listen to. And I like George Harrison's last album, "Brainwashed" very much.