Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talking Fertile Land with Ocean

(Gouache and watercolor, 18" x 24", from the 1980s, by am)

What's so bad about being misunderstood?
(Bob Dylan)


Anonymous said...

love the connection of the wee video and dylan's line. ha. kjm

Loren said...

Been a long time since I listened to Eric Burden.

Sky Pilot was one of my favorite songs for many years. It was hard to misunderstand that song if you'd been to Vietnam.

Taradharma said...

Is there a link here between being a visual artist and being misunderstood? Have you seen the documentary "Herb and Dorothy"? Two aged art collectors in NYC. It is a great little film on two lovers of art, and their process for purchasing the things they love to see and have around them.

Love this painting, btw.

The Solitary Walker said...

Wonder if you know the great Joe Cocker version of this song?

Unknown said...

Enjoyed this video very much. Being misunderstood is the story of my life. :) Thank you for sharing.

Goat said...

Haven't seen that clip before. Never really noticed how minimalist those drums were. Cheers.

am said...

kjm -- There does seem to be a connection, doesn't there?

Loren -- I think of Richard and 1970-1971 when I hear Sky Pilot. That song was a favorite of his, too.

Taradharma -- I was just thinking about the various ways I have been upset about being misunderstood (not about my paintings) and then taken heart from Bob Dylan's perspective. I treasure what I have learned from people who misunderstood what I was trying to say with a painting and saw something completely different. I have heard of "Herb and Dorothy." Thank you for reminding me of them (-:

Glad that you like the painting.

Solitary Walker -- Thanks for the tip about Joe Cocker's version, which led me to Nina Simone's version and Elvis Costello's version.

Nicole -- You're welcome. Glad that you liked hearing Eric Burdon sing!

Goat -- That clips brings me back to when I was 15 years old, watching the Ed Sullivan Show on television. With that song, Eric Burdon made a lasting impression on me. I remember seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, too, in 1965.