Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remembering Janis' 70th birthday today on Martin Luther King weekend / Musica universalis

Interesting how Janis Joplin's birthday and Martin Luther King weekend coincide.  I can picture Janis as a beautiful and wise 70-year-old woman, free of the drugs and alcohol that took her life and bright spirit from us in 1970.

I love hearing the young people singing their songs as well as the songs we first heard so long ago.

Martin Luther King would have been 84 on January 15.  I can picture him, too, a vital spiritual leader with so much life ahead of him and ten years younger than Nelson Mandela is today.

And then I came across this to complete my meditation for today.

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Taradharma said...

those are some great pictures of Janis! And the song, of course, wonderful. Hard to believe she would be 70 today -- so much life missed out on.

I enjoyed the article linked, and the last sentence is a good summary and so very true: "With the sound of wind in tall pines, of bird song, of moving water and raindrops. the self returns to its primordial home, and every cell becomes attuned to its original tonality." Amen.

Great post, thank you.