Friday, October 31, 2014

Beloved Person in Bird Costume Crossing the Night River

From the Calendar Series, "Beloved Person in Bird Costume Crossing the Night River" -- a gouache and watercolor painting from the 1980s by am.

Watch the river flow, here and here. Thank you to Candy for the inspiration for this post.


Anonymous said...

I love your art, am. Your colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

am said...

Thank you, robin andrea (-:

Unknown said...

A friend of mine wore a similar mask this weekend at a peace march and replanting this weekend. (Do you still have copies of the book of your artwork you published a few years back?)

am said...

Thank you, robin andrea, for your ongoing appreciation of my art work, new and old!

Lucie -- Wish I could see your friend's mask. That image came to me in a dream when I was in my early 30s.

Here is a little more about the person in a bird costume:

Yes. I have a few copies left for $14.95, and here is my book on YouTube: