Monday, October 6, 2014

For the child that cries when innocence dies

"Working with Intuition and Three Angels," gouache and watercolor, painted by am in 1992

Suddenly, inexplicably, I'm wondering if I still can get a ticket to see Bob Dylan at the Paramount in Seattle on Sunday, October 19.

Yep. There are still tickets left. I'll be sitting a little bit closer to where my seat was for the first Bob Dylan concert I saw at the Paramount Theater in the early 1980s -- up near the roof in the second to the last row.

Until just now, I had decided not to go to another Bob Dylan concert. A baffling process. Working with intuition and three angels. As my father used to say, "We'll see what we will see."

This is what I wanted to post before I began this post:

"The universe came into being with us together; with us, all things are one."


Zach said...

this painting is so cool: i like how the dark lines make it seem like pieces of a puzzle put together. did you know you were gonna do that at the start?

bob dylan in concert - that is so awesome! i'm glad you were still able to get a ticket. seattle is a really cool city. :-)

am said...

Zach -- Thanks! When I start painting, I never know what the result will be (-:

I didn't expect to be able to get a ticket. Even though Seattle isn't that far away, I rarely go there. It's always interesting to be in Seattle. Bob Dylan has said that he likes Seattle because it's the hometown of Jimi Hendrix. Seems like a great place for him to start this North American Tour!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh, this so brings me back to my 15 year old self, listening to Bringing it All Back Home.
Damn, those were the days.

am said...

Mary -- Thank you for stopping by. Wonderful to visit your blog and see your art work!

Bob Dylan has been an influence on me since I was 14 years old, listening to "Bringing It All Back Home."

For me, these are the days. I'm looking forward to hearing Bob Dylan sing the songs he wrote after he was 50 years old, and I'm particularly impressed with his recent work as a welder:

This year I made a totem pole showing the story of his lifetime of creativity:

Thanks again for inspiring me this morning!