Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oboe Loves the Morning Sun in Black and White and Color / The Color Kittens / Mandala #11

An old friend of mine who has a young grandson sent me a link to a YouTube reading of The Color Kittens, by Margaret Wise Brown, with accompanying delightful commentary from a child:

Last week I graduated from the medical transcription editing program with "High Honors" and was able to finish Mandala #11.


dreaminginthedeepsouth said...

Congratulations in graduating your program! My best wishes for gainful employment that is interesting and challenging enough to keep you young and spry! Love to you - I am not a robot!

am said...

Dear beth,

Good to hear from you! Thank you for your encouragement and kindness and for the ongoing light and inspiration that I find at your blog and at Wait - What?

Funny about that robot test that appeared recently. I have to prove that I'm not a robot, too, if I want to respond to a comment (-:

Kind wishes always,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Wonderful news. And lovely photos of Oboe. BTW-- the robot is dancing today, maybe because it's April Fool's Day. So cute!

Sabine said...

Congratulations! Will you make lots of money now???

dritanje said...

Well done on your graduation. The mandala is completely stunning. Its aura radiates beauty-in- completion. So it seems to me. I would like to meditate on it, as one path in my life seems to have come to and end. And I'm not sure what the new one will be.

am said...

robin andrea -- Thank you! Oboe sat by me the whole time I was studying. She is sitting in her warm window spot right now.

Sabine -- Thank you! Won't be making very much money. Will be happy to have a paycheck at all (-:

Have been thinking of you and R at the ocean.

dritanje -- Thank you for your thoughts on my recent mandala. Perhaps it will help both of us as we go forward, not knowing what the new path is. Except for that mandala, my life feels very unsettled.