Friday, January 15, 2016

Born January 15, 1929

From Strength to Love, Chapter Four, "Love in Action":

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; 
for they know not what they do.  
                                         Luke 23:34

Few words in the New Testament more clearly and solemnly
express the magnanimity of Jesus' spirit than that sublime
utterance from the cross,  "Father, forgive them; for they
know not what they do." This is love at its best.

Often I recall what an elderly Jewish friend of mine said when she was in her 80s, "I don't have to be a Christian to be moved by the life and death of Jesus."  It is occurring to me again, as I re-read Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Jr., that I don't have to be a Christian to be moved by the love that Christianity clearly brings into the lives of people whose actions are an inspiration to me.

With gratitude to Martin Luther King, Jr. on what would have been his 87th birthday.

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Tara said...

a beautiful post. I'm am often very moved by the teachings of Jesus, and the love and faith he inspires. I guess I am in the 'historical Jesus' category. In any case, you are completely spot on about admiring people inspired by His word -- they have done beautiful and brave things in this world.