Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We Used To Write Letters And Put Stamps On Them / Return of the Canada Geese on February 2

On February 2, a flock of 5 Canada Geese pairs arrived at the cattail marsh I look out on from my porch, and I remembered when I first learned that Canada Geese mate for life.

Day before yesterday I received a Happy New Year note from an old friend who is using up old stamps.  Does anyone remember the "Letters Mingle Souls" stamps from 1974?

What with work and all, I have much less time for posting on my blog and yet as I settle in the routine of being self-employed, I am finding time again for walking, drawing, playing my autoharp, and getting together with friends for breakfast most mornings.


The Solitary Walker said...

Ah, I remember those days! And remember when we used to use phones for phoning? And maps for finding the way? And saving up cash week by week to buy a coveted LP instead of downloading anything we want whenever we want? More and more I'm thinking freedom lies in restriction rather than in unlimited choice, goodies without end. Or perhaps I'm just becoming a grumpy old man.

Tara said...

I do remember those Hemingway stamps. I used to LOVE receiving letters and writing ones in return. I had a few friends with whom I had wonderful correspondences. Inventive letters with doodles and artwork, or leaves collected from the yard. Thumb prints from a squished blueberry, or an oil stain from toast with butter. I miss those. I gave up when most folks did. I do still have one friend with whom I trade letters. For 35 years now. She's a marvelous writer and her missives are always a treat. We could talk on the phone or email, but we both love our letters and we keep it alive.

Anonymous said...

I love writing and reading letters! Such a beautiful, and now, fading art form. Wonderful to see the geese return.

am said...

Robert, Tara, and robin andrea -- As always, thank you for your comments. What used to go into my letters now goes into my blog. When I read your blog posts, they are the closest things to letters that I know of. I do miss stamps, though!